knell (ex_absurditi6) wrote in wganonymous,

Do you remember a while back I recommended that you all go download 'You Are the Light' by Jens Lekman? (hush now, mrxindeed)
It's had some airplay on triple j recently and the pseudo-Richard Kingsmill just informed his audience that our Jens was recently voted 15th in a list of Sweden's Sexiest Men! Go Jens!

Here is is! he has his charms, i suppose.
(I attempted to google "sweden's sexiest men official list" and got a whole heap of very suspect porn sites. I should have known. Now how will i find out who the 14 men more attractive than our Jens are!)

I feel as though I need to start up an Australian branch of the Jens Lekman Appreciation Society.

Oh man! How goshdarn cute is his site?

Um yeah, over and out. I guess.
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