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A Message For Those Of Us In Sweden:

Hopefully, notkandinsky, you'll see this sometime soon, because OMG I wish I'd found this before you left!

First of all...Sounds Of Sweden, a Swedish music mp3 blog. Sadly, most of the mp3s don't last very long, because the writer doesn't have them on servers, just on yousendit, but you could definately brush up on your Swedish pop culture there.

From there, I have a request/quest/misson for you.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, could you try and track down a recording of this guy?? I seriously have never seen/heard anyone more gay IN MY LIFE, and his songs have titles like Make You Come and I Keep My Pants On...and god they're funny, but he only has clips of them on his website! If you do happen to find anything, I'll pay you back for it, I'm just desperate to actually hear a full song by him!
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