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An Open Letter To Hoppo.

Dear Robyn,


We miss you. You and your...well, we're not sure. It's more of a general presence and an ache for that presence.

In a certain light, you look like Camilla Parker-Bowles. We always wanted to take a photo of you, but were too embarrassed. Now we regret that we have no way of keeping our memories of our time together fresh forever....*tear*

Our love will never decay, unlike Cathy's cold, dead, body. (SECKS) Which Heathcliff longs to sex. And does. We think (hope).

So much to say, so little wording ability. We apologise. (We know you forgive us.)

It's a shame you couldn't come on schoolies...Emma missed you a whole bunch. (Emma/Hoppo=OTP4LYPHE!)

All of us/You=OTP4LYPHE, actaully.

Happy New Year. We hope you're treating yourself well. (We think about that a lot, actually.)

With love from,

notkandinsky and prettiestlies
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